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Welcome to Foundational Health

Foundational Health is dedicated to revitalizing your life and reenergizing your body. We maintain a strong focus on a nutritional and all-natural approach; and in conjunction with proper diet and exercise, we can reverse signs of aging, making you to feel young again.

It begins with our bio-identical hormone replacement program. Natural weight-loss is achieved by the proper balance of hormones in your body. As we age, the proper balance of hormones is altered making us feel fatigued, stressed and over-weight. To solve the problems associated with aging, we supply you with a simple at-home saliva test.  A consultation is included with the test, and the proper customized hormonal cream will prepared in our lab for you. Click the links below to learn more.

In addition, we have developed our own line of skin care products to assist in the anti-aging process. Adding the proper vitamins, anti-oxidants and soothing natural ingredients flattens wrinkles and pulls skin back to where it should be, making you look as young as you now feel. Click here for additional information.

Finally, for our diabetic patients, we have developed a line of moisturizing hand and feet creams to sooth dry cracked skin and healing it quickly to avoid further harm to your skin. Our diet and exercise plans in combined with our compounded diabetic nutritional products are effective in lowering your need for prescription medications and helping you live longer and healthier. Learn more here.

Welcome to Foundational Health. Learn more and take advantage of what nature has to offer for your body, well-being and laying your foundation to good health.